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🇺🇸 - The Verge

Ford F-150 Lightning review: fast truck, slow computer

🇫🇷 - Le Monde

Ukraine : la Crimée, nouvel enjeu stratégique de la guerre avec la Russie

🇫🇷 - Le Figaro

De sa capture en Ukraine à son exfiltration de Russie, le récit de l’incroyable odyssée de l’agent Georges K.

🇫🇷 - Les Echos

Le prix du gaz en Europe atteint un nouveau record

🇬🇧 - The Guardian

'Now the real work begins' Liz Cheney loses Republican primary to Trump-endorsed rival

🇩🇪 - Suddeutsche Zeitung

Wie die Arbeitszeit die Ungleichheit verschärft

🇺🇸 - Fox

ELECTIONSLIVE UPDATES:Liz Cheney concedes Republican primary race to pro-Trump challenger

🇺🇸 - CNBC

China needs Taiwan's biggest chipmaker — more than the other way around

🇺🇸 - New-York Times

🇪🇸 - El Paĩs

🇮🇹 - Corriere Della Sera

Renzi candidato a Milano contro Berlusconi

🇯🇵 - Japan Times

🇶🇦 - Al Jazeera

🇷🇺 - Moscow Times

Russians Scramble for Visas as EU Mulls Travel Restrictions

🇭🇰 - South China Morning Post

China tries to lift birth rate with measures to make it easier to raise a family

🇮🇳 - India Times

🇺🇸 - Ars Technica

Machine learning, concluded: Did the “no-code” tools beat manual analysis?

🇺🇸 - Fortune

The U.S. accused a Chinese MIT professor of spying. Now cleared, he helped discover what may be the ‘best semiconductor material ever found’

🇧🇷 - Riot Times

100 years of U.S. meddling & regime change, from Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba

🇺🇸 - Harvard Business Review

The Metaverse Will Enhance — Not Replace — Companies’ Physical Locations

🇱🇻 - Baltic Times

China cuts transport ties with Lithuania after vicemin's Taiwan visit

🇺🇸 - Inc.

The Most Successful Companies in America--and What They Reveal About the Future of Business

🇺🇸 - The Verge

Ford F-150 Lightning review: fast truck, slow computer