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🇱🇻 - Baltic Times

Nord Stream explosions benefit Gazprom – Lithuanian defmin

🇺🇸 - The Verge

Google is trying to reinvent search — by being more than a search engine

🇫🇷 - Le Monde

Une quatrième fuite détectée dans un des gazoducs Nord Stream au large de la Suède

🇫🇷 - Le Figaro

Guerre en Ukraine : pourquoi la Russie n'a aucun intérêt à faire usage de l'arme nucléaire

🇫🇷 - Les Echos

Réforme des retraites : Emmanuel Macron n'exclut pas une dissolution en cas de censure à l'Assemblée

🇬🇧 - The Guardian

Hurricane Ian More than 2m without power as Florida hit with ‘catastrophic’ wind and rain

🇩🇪 - Suddeutsche Zeitung

Inflation stürzt Deutschland in die nächste Wirtschaftsflaute

🇺🇸 - Fox

Hurricane Ian producing damaging winds over Florida's Peninsula as it takes aim at its next target

🇺🇸 - CNBC

Porsche shares rise in landmark Frankfurt debut

🇺🇸 - New-York Times

🇪🇸 - El Paĩs

🇮🇹 - Corriere Della Sera

Quanto aumentano da ottobre le bollette:

🇯🇵 - Japan Times

🇶🇦 - Al Jazeera

🇷🇺 - Moscow Times

Fourth Leak Detected at Nord Stream Pipelines in Baltic Sea

🇭🇰 - South China Morning Post

Why the National Day ‘golden week’ holiday is causing frustration in China

🇮🇳 - India Times

🇺🇸 - Ars Technica

We interviewed Linux OS through an AI bot to discover its secrets

🇺🇸 - Fortune

The stock market is crashing, but 10 stocks have seen gains of more than 30% this year. And 7 of them are in a single sector

🇧🇷 - Riot Times

Denmark is on high alert: leaks found on gas pipelines near the island of Bornholm

🇺🇸 - Harvard Business Review

Is Your Board Inclusive — or Just Diverse?

🇱🇻 - Baltic Times

Nord Stream explosions benefit Gazprom – Lithuanian defmin

🇺🇸 - The Verge

Elon Musk’s robot is going to have to work hard to impress at Tesla’s AI Day