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🇺🇸 - The Verge

The Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G is a good phone with a too-short shelf life

🇫🇷 - Le Monde

En direct : « Cela fait trente ans que je siège dans ce bureau, je n’ai jamais connu un tel niveau d’abstention »

🇫🇷 - Le Figaro

Une violence en constante augmentation

🇫🇷 - Les Echos

Régionales en Île-de-France : transports, emploi, éducation… Ce que proposent les candidats

🇬🇧 - The Guardian

'As dire as it used to be' Election may allow Abiy Ahmed to tighten grip on war-torn Ethiopia

🇩🇪 - Suddeutsche Zeitung

Die neue Normalität

🇺🇸 - Fox

PoliticsNumber of fentanyl seizures at the border continues to rise with no fix in sight from Biden admin

🇺🇸 - CNBC

Why this week's Fed update sent stock and bond markets swinging

🇺🇸 - New-York Times

🇪🇸 - El Paĩs

La vida que Suiza hizo posible para Ramón

🇮🇹 - Corriere Della Sera

Variante Delta e �scenario inglese�: cosa potrebbe succedere in autunno in Italia

🇯🇵 - Japan Times

🇶🇦 - Al Jazeera

World reacts to election of Iran’s new hardline President Raisi

🇷🇺 - Moscow Times

Russian Employees Rejecting Vaccines Risk Unpaid Leave

🇭🇰 - South China Morning Post

How a pristine Chinese mountain fell prey to the property boom

🇮🇳 - India Times

🇺🇸 - Ars Technica

Arcade1Up pinball cabinet review: Fine for families, interesting for modders

🇺🇸 - Fortune

A strategy session at 40,000 feet: How Southwest Airlines used the pandemic to outmaneuver the majors

🇧🇷 - Riot Times

Lula da Silva calls 500,000 deaths from Covid-19 in Brazil “genocide”

🇺🇸 - Harvard Business Review

How Your Organization Can Recognize Juneteenth

🇱🇻 - Baltic Times

EU must be prepared to strengthen its external border with Belarus - Murniece

🇺🇸 - Inc.

How Snapchat Stays Committed to Its Social Mission

🇺🇸 - The Verge

The Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G is a good phone with a too-short shelf life